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If you are looking for exciting and stimulating literature during the Corona Crisis, we have some book recommendations for you. Our publications enable you to engage in an intensive examination of artists and art movements from eight centuries of art history.

Mourning. On Loss and Change

Experiences of loss, grief and change harbour a disturbing potential that is difficult to put into words and nearly impossible to depict. The exhibition brings together contemporary international artworks that revolve around these phenomena. In the pictures, sculptures, videos, photographs, installations, slide projections and sound pieces presented, some 30 international artists from 15 countries engage with the theme of loss as a distressing experience of existential uncertainty that irrevocably changes the course of events.

 How do artists today picture leave-taking, grief, loss and change? What role is played by traditional formulas for expressing pathos and by universally legible symbols? And what does the way we deal with grief tell us about our present-day world? Dies sind nur einige der vielen Fragen, die die Ausstellung aufwirft.


Who doodles is either inattentive or a hack? On the contrary! Scribbling is thinking with a pen. According to a psychological study, doodlers can remember almost 30 percent more information. In fact, spontaneous drawing allows parts of our brain to pause. making room for detailed observation and new memories. Scribbling is one of the most direct forms of viewing art, which is fun and allows new thoughts to arise. The ten illustrations by Sünne van der Meulen invite a creative dialogue with original works of art history. 

And the new KUNSTHALLEN KRITZELHEFT also helps in cultural abstinence caused by the Corona crisis. You can now use our interactive drawing pad at home! With impulses, illustrations and original illustrations, we bring ten works of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and a large portion of creative energy into your living room. This will shorten the waiting time until your next visit and you will certainly look at the originals in a completely different way afterwards.  Order now via the online shop, scribble and come to the museum later.

Kunst aus acht Jahrhunderten

Our new museum guide is published on the occasion of the rededication of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, in late April 2016, after a two-year phase of modernisation and reorganisation. The catalogue takes a look at the panorama of the museum's collections, which develop chronologically through the three parts of the building and lead via the basement to the immediate present. In this interplay of old and new art, it becomes clear that all art was once contemporary art. We want to make this presence of art of all times visible in the Hamburger Kunsthalle, and this book is intended to provide you with an introduction.