We can adapt all of our art education activities – guided tours, museum talks, courses and children’s birthday events – to suit different audiences and needs. Our specially trained art educators are happy to work with you to select appropriate themes and discuss individual means of communication. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! All of our public and exhibition areas are fully accessible. Wheelchairs and portable folding stools are available for visitors to use. Guided tours featuring detailed descriptions and alternative approaches to the artworks on display are regularly offered for visitors who are blind or visually impaired. For details of these events please consult the Calendar. Specially designed guided tours for visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing are also offered regularly. For details of these events please consult the Calendar.

Two further parking spaces for the disabled are available (free of charge) at the entrance behind the Galerie der Gegenwart / Gallery of Contemporary Art (entrance Ferdinandstor, before the railroad crossing). If needed, we will gladly support our visitors with mobility impairments. In the car park you will find a bell next to the parking ticket machine. Please ring the bell and we will come to pick you up with the elevator. This way you can directly access the Gallery of Contemporary Art and from there also reach the Lichtwark Galerie.



Visitors with dementia and their families are invited to take part in museum visits where they can be inspired by the art and engage in conversation in a calm, welcoming atmosphere. For details of these events please consult the Calendar. [Link] Care homes and other institutions may contact us to arrange individual visits.

We also run creative workshops in small groups for children, young people and adults with mental illnesses. Clinics and other institutions may contact us to arrange individual workshops.

We offer guided tours for children and adults in German sign language. Please contact the Museumsdienst Hamburg for more information.

Especially for the exhibition »Art and Alphabet« the Hamburger Kunsthalle has developed a new educational and outreach concept in order to make it more accessible to a broad group of visitors. Works can be perceived by different senses (vision, hearing, touch, smell).