»Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog« on Travel

Caspar David Friedrich’s famous Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog is currently on tour. On loan at the exhibition Caspar David Friedrich and the Harbingers of Romance, the painting will be on view at the Museum Georg Schäfer in Schweinfurt from 2 April to 2 July 2023 and at the Kunst Museum Winterthur from 26 August to 19 November 2023.

Afterward, the iconic painting will return to the Hamburger Kunsthalle, where it and all other Caspar David Friedrich works will be exhibited at the major anniversary exhibition CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH: Art for a New Age (15 December 2023 – 1 April 2024) commemorating Friedrich’s 250th birthday.


The project focuses on a number of key works by the artist that illustrate the newly emerging relationship between human and nature in the age of Romanticism. In the field of art, Friedrich’s atmospheric landscape paintings provided significant impetus for a change in attitude. Another extensive section of the show will explore his multifaceted reception in contemporary art. The different ways in which artists today approach Friedrich’s work and the Romantic understanding of nature while also dealing with current environmental issues pave the way for an exciting dialogue. In the face of the threats posed by climate change and environmental destruction, the fateful connection between humans and nature that speaks from Friedrich’s works resonates for us with existential meaning. 

Further information on the anniversary exhibition CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH. Art for a New Age at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.