HEART-100 artist. 1 mission

Save Lives, win Art

20 Oct - 8 Nov 2020

Since its foundation in Bonn in August 1980, the organisation has been committed to providing financial support for UNHCR's worldwide life-saving operations and for projects and initiatives of refugees in Germany.¬† Together with more than 100 artists*, the UNO-Fl√ľchtlingshilfe wants to send a strong signal of humanity and solidarity to the more than 70 million people on the run.

With a nationwide, state-approved art lottery, a first in Germany in this form, the proceeds of 25,000 tickets are to go to the UNHCR.  The meanwhile more than 100 artists* have spontaneously agreed to support this common, important symbol with an artwork.

Further exhibition venues:

Bonner Kunstmuseum: 01.09. to 13.09.2020
Berlinische Galerie: 18.11. to 26.11.2020

Lottery Procedure

The purchase of lottery tickets is easy:

Transfer: You transfer 40 euros per ticket or an amount divisible by 40 to the special lottery account:

Beneficiary: UNO-Fluechtlingshilfe
Bank f√ľr Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE 81 3702 0500 0008 2900 40

Surplus or insufficient amounts are recorded as donations and receipted (40,- euros = 1 ticket; 80,- euros = 2 tickets; and so on).

Purpose: To be able to send you your lottery ticket number(s), please state your e-mail address, postal address and date of birth (*) in the purpose of the transfer.
Important note: Please write (at) instead of the "@" character.

Confirmation: Subsequently, the buyer will receive a confirmation at the given address with the ticket number(s) (depending on the number of tickets).

The probability of winning is 1:250 - give it a try!
The prizes will be drawn in a draw on 26.11.2020 in Berlin

*Buyers must be of legal age.

*Prizes may not be sold or auctioned until 31.12.2025.

The lottery is made possible by 100 painters, photographers, video, installation and conceptual artists who have made their art available to UNO-Fl√ľchtlingshilfe - in DIN A5 format.

These great artists are supporting the lottery:

Nevin¬†Aladańü, Tom¬†Anholt, Jim¬†Avignon, Stephan¬†Balkenhol, Cornelia¬†Baltes, Viktor¬†Bernik,¬†Norbert¬†Bisky, Viola¬†Bittl, Anna¬†Blume, Monica¬†Bonvicini, Florian¬†Borkenhagen, Mathias¬†Bothor, Frank¬†Bowling, Sonja¬†Braas, Johannes¬†Brus, Willi¬†Bucher, Abraham David Christian , Louisa Clement,¬†Felix¬†Contzen,¬†Jeff Cowen,¬†Nikola Dimitrov,¬†Clara Lotta¬†Dittmer, Udo¬†Dziersk, Olafur¬†Eliasson, Inessa¬†Emmer, Meike¬†Entenmann,¬† Jan Paul Evers, Simon¬†Fujiwara,¬† Jochen¬†Gerz, Lukas¬†Glinkowski,¬† Douglas¬†Gordon,¬† Katharina¬†Grosse, Assaf¬†Gruber,¬† Werner¬†Haypeter¬†, J√∂rg¬†Herold,¬†Candida¬†H√∂fer,¬†Yngve¬†Holen¬†Jenny¬†Holzer,¬†Christian¬†Jankowski, Jia,¬†Raimer¬†Jochims, Anish¬†Kapoor, Gudrun¬†Kemsa, JiŇôi¬†Keuthen, Yury¬†Kharchenko, Anselm¬†Kiefer, Thomas¬†Kilpper, Barbara¬†Klemm, Dietrich¬†Klinge, Herlinde¬†Koelbl,¬†Joseph¬†Kosuth, Mischa¬†Kuball,¬† Uwe¬†Kurella, Lea¬†Lenhart, Via¬†Lewandowsky, Axel¬†Ludenzon, Markus¬†L√ľpertz, Jonas¬†Lund, Antje¬†Majewski, Rune¬†Mields , Achim¬†Mohn√©, Reinhard¬†Mucha, Emilia¬†Neumann, Wolfgang¬†Niedecken, Jo¬†Oberh√§user, Oliver¬†Osborne , Trevor¬†Paglen, Christina Maria¬†Pfeifer, Pascal¬†Pinaud,¬†Eric Gregory¬†Powell, Tobias¬†Rehberger, Johanna¬†Reich, Sebastian¬†Riemer, Ren¬†Rong , Thomas¬†Ruff,¬† Igor¬†Sacharow-Ross,¬† Karin¬†Sander , Hans-Christian¬†Schink, Regina¬†Schmeken, Hank¬†Schmidt in der Beek, Martin¬†Schoeller,¬† Luise¬†Schr√∂der, Chiharu¬†Shiota, Roberto¬†Spadoni, Klaus¬†Staeck,¬†Henning¬†Strassburger, Katja¬†Strunz, Stefan¬†Szczesny, Ruth¬†Tauchert, Pascale Marthine Tayou , Michael Triegel, Egbert¬†Trogemann, Janaina¬†Tsch√§pe, Paloma¬†Varga Weisz,¬† Jorinde¬†Voigt, Julius¬†von Bismarck,¬†Corinna¬†von der Groeben, Annette¬†von Dewitz, Hasso¬†von Henninges, Lienhard¬†von Monkiewitsch, Nicole¬†Wermers, Sabine¬†Wilharm, Rose¬†Wylie,¬† He¬†Xiangyu.