Support Conservation

The internationally renowned collection of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, comprising 123,000 valuable works, functions as a storehouse of knowledge. It is our mission to preserve and maintain it to the best possible extent for the benefit of future generations.

To this end, the restoration of individual works and the conservational care for the collection play a vital role. In the restoration workshops, the conservators focus on retarding the works’ deterioration processes and taking preventive measures to protect the objects. Art-technological research in collaboration with international specialists and academics of various disciplines is another integral part of their work.

The collection is the heart of the Kunsthalle, and the most fundamental task of the restoration department is to maintain and preserve it well. Restoration in all its facets is very time-consuming and costly. In order to maintain the collection at a high level of conservation and restoration and to preserve it for the future, we need your support. We will gladly inform you of specific ongoing projects, enabling you to join us in our effort to safeguard this unique and irreplaceable treasure of art history for generations to come.