New Arrivals

Establishing and expanding an art collection »arouses and generates powers of the mind and heart which are otherwise dormant«. This comment in the book »Der Sammler« (1922, The Collector) by Alfred Lichtwark, first director of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, applies until today to the museum's approach to collecting.

The permanent collection is the core and vital source of every museum. Owing to a targeted acquisition strategy and its many supporters, the Kunsthalle is able to continually expand and further develop the collection. This expansion sustains the museum's vitality. We endeavour to set new accents in the collection and reinforce those existing. It remains an essential aspect for us to emphasise the international context of our main fields of collection. The Kunsthalle wishes to react to reassessments within the art of all eras and, likewise, to actively promote processes of ongoing reconsideration. Time and again, we discover relevant artists or see well-known artists from a new perspective.  

New acquisitions succeed through various donations and purchases enabled through the support of different partners. Numerous foundations are involved in the Kunsthalle's advancement, including the Campe'sche Historische Kulturstiftung and the Stiftung für die Hamburger Kunstsammlungen. The Campe'sche Stiftung has supported the Hamburger Kunsthalle for more than 100 years in the acquisition of artworks ranging from the Old Masters to Modern Art. The Stiftung für die Hamburger Kunstsammlungen has provided continual support to our museum for over 60 years by compiling the donations from foundations and private individuals.