We are interested in your perspective on art! What do you see when you are looking at the different artworks presented in the museum? Which thoughts or memories do they trigger? Are there any connections between the artworks and your everyday life? We are seeking the dialogue with you. Your perspectives will enter the work at the museum and will be made visible for other visitors.

With MY PERSPECTIVE the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the Körber-Foundation are developing ideas for a museum of the future. The project MY PERSPECTIVE is set for the long term and constitutes an important step on our path of opening up the museum. MY PERSPECTIVE picks up on the idea of OPEN ACCESS from 2017 and develops it further. 

We are taking the objective of cultural participation seriously and wish to give whoever is interested a possibility to get actively involved. For the opening event of MY PERSPECTIVE, the participants will be mainly art-loving Hamburg citizens mostly belonging to our core audience. What is it that inspires them personally in works and objects of art? What do they wish to know about the works, and how do they want to obtain this information? Do they see the museum as a place for current discussions that they can contribute to?

Three curators of the Hamburger Kunsthalle each have chosen a work from the museum’s collection. The participants will work in three groups in workshops, each on one of these artworks. They will exchange their individual thoughts, questions and interpretations and discuss these together with the curator at the Kunsthalle.

Against the backdrop of the question: »What is meaningful to me about this artwork?«, the participants will choose works from the museum’s depot and decide jointly which of them should be exhibited. The related thoughts and decision-making processes of the participants will be made transparent and comprehensible for other visitors of the museum. The subsequent presentation is conceived to create space for the different points of view held by the group members and curators. In this way, complex considerations and multiple interpretations will surely inspire further discussions.

The group work took place at the Hamburger Kunsthalle from the end of August to end of September 2018. The group results will be presented to the public on 24 January 2019 and will then be on display in the collection galleries until 19 May 2019.

MY PERSPECTIVE is a cooperation project of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the Körber-Foundation.

Mein Blick

Basis for the group work:

Gerard van Honthorst: Solon and Croesus, 1624

Participants from the circle of Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V. will focus on this work: the painting belongs to the collection area Old Masters, collection management: Dr. Sandra Pisot.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema: The Vintage Festival, 1871

Participants from the circle of the Chamber of Commerce will focus on this work: the painting belongs to the collection area 19th Century Art, collection management: Dr. Markus Bertsch

Max Beckmann: Odysseus and Calypso, 1943

Participants from the circle of the Interessengemeinschaft Steindamm will focus on this work: the painting belongs to the collection area Modern Art, collection management: Dr. Karin Schick.