Instagram-Takeover 2023


If you've ever wondered how artists prepare for an exhibition, whether artists also work in a home office, what it's actually like in a studio, or which artists serve as inspiration, then click through. Since April 2020, we have been giving artists the floor and let them use our Instagram account. Take a look at new works, directly into the studio or be in the middle of the exhibition setup. Since January 2022, the takeover has taken place one day a month.

Jetzt abonnieren

Josephin Böttger

Josephin Böttger, Instagram-Takeover Oktober 2023, Hamburger Kunsthalle

Josephin Böttger

The Hamburg-based video artist Josephin Böttger initially produced experimental short films. Since graduating from the HfBK Hamburg in 2002, she has mainly conceived her works for 2-6 channel video installations, shown at international exhibitions and projections in public spaces. In her multi-channel works, she interweaves drawings and real images, documentary footage and filmed performances to create a loose narrative that usually focuses on architecture and time motifs. Public space is one of her favourite fields of action; the specific characteristics of the urban environment become part of mobile projections and video performances. Building facades turn into dynamic projection screens and temporarily change their visual structure. The movement of the images in space generates perspective distortions, and the interaction of the projections with the urban surfaces often results in a dissolution of the framing.

Shila Khatami, Instagram-Takeover Oktober 2023, Hamburger Kunsthalle

 Shila Khatami (@_shila_khatami_), born in 1976 in SaarbrĂŒcken, paints abstract pictures on industrially manufactured material with a paint roller instead of a brush. The material of the support is just as much the starting point for her painting as motifs from pop culture (e.g. the chequered flag) and her examination of 20th-century art in Europe and the USA. Material, formal references and painterly gestures overlap in her works, which consciously take up space in form, colour and composition, referring to and changing with it. The support materials of the perforated and checkered plates reflect light, light colours and shadows, thus expanding the possibilities of the painting surface in a way that is as radical as it is poetic. 

Cornelia Baltes, Foto: Johanna Ruebel

Cornelia Baltes

Soon our Instagram channel will be taken over by an artist again! Works by her are currently on display in our exhibition »No Illusions. Painting in Space«. We are looking forward to our guest Cornelia Baltes. Cornelia Baltes' paintings and installations are on the edge of abstraction and figuration. Corporeal elements such as hands and feet or parts of a face, often captured in motion, are teased out of bold colour fields and gestural forms that combine to hint at a narrative in pictorial space. Baltes invites us into a coherent world where spontaneity and playfulness are balanced with unexpected detail: both meticulous and specific, yet light and effortless.

Andreas Greiner, auf der UrsprungsflÀche von 'waldfuermorgen', Goslar im Herbst 2020, Foto: Paul Rohlfs/Studio Förster

Andreas Greiner

It's time for the next Instagram takeover! We are looking forward to Andreas Greiner taking over tomorrow! Andreas Greiner (*1979, Aachen) is an artist working in a wide range of media. He works with (living) sculpture, installation, video and algorithmic image generation. He lives and works between Berlin, Munich and Kiel. Since 2022 he has been a professor of media art at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts in Kiel. Since 2019, he has realised numerous tree-planting projects. His artistic practice is based on the idea that every living being is an artist*. Some of his works are part of our current exhibition »BREATHING«.