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With this offer we kindly welcome you to Hamburg and invite you to the Hamburger Kunsthalle – a place of encounter and participation.

For free admission, it is sufficient to present a temporary residence permit from the Foreigners’ Registration Office. If you are from Ukraine, the presentation of a Ukrainian passport or other identification document is valid. Advance registration is not required. The Welcome Ticket is available at the cash desk in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Free admission is also available for accompanying persons and hosts.


A free offer for refugees of all ages and accompanying persons

This offer is meant as a warm welcome to Hamburg and invites you to join us on a one-hour exhibition tour through the permanent collection of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. You will be accompanied by our art educators, who will be happy to discuss individual works of art with you and provide interesting and exciting stories, along with background information.

The museum tours can only be booked as a group/for groups. 

The welcome tours take place in German or English and, on request, are translated into Ukrainian or Russian. We will also try to make other language requests possible. In this regard, please get in touch with us.

60 min.


A free offer for refugees of all ages and accompanying persons

The Hamburger Kunsthalle invites you and accompanying persons, including volunteers, to an open and creative get-together in a pleasant atmosphere on the first Friday of every month from 2 to 4 pm.

With a small snack and a refreshing drink, we warmly welcome children and adults alike to one of our studios. Afterwards, we will visit our exhibition rooms to discover selected works of art from eight centuries together and then, back in the studio, create our own art works with different materials.

The Welcome Workshops are in German or English and are translated into Ukrainian or Russian. 

120 min.


Always 2 pm - 4 pm 
3   März 2023  Ute Klapschuweit und Irina Shurko (German/Russisch)
14 April 2023     Ulrike Cappenberg und Paula Lytovchenko (English/Ukrainian)
5   May 2023         Ute Klapschuweit und Irina Shurko (German/Russian)
2  June 2023        Lena Garbarouk-Anel (German/Russian)

Meeting point: At the main entrance of the Hamburger Kunsthalle 

Tickets: You will receive a free Welcome Ticket at the ticket office. No prior registration is required. The workshop is limited to 25 participants.

Private Welcome Workshops

A free offer for refugees of all ages and accompanying persons

You can also book a private Welcome Workshop as a group free of charge.

120 min.

Creativity Packages

A free offer for refugees of all ages

Welcome to Hamburg! The Hamburger Kunsthalle has compiled 250 Creativity Packages, available as an open offer for refugees in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The packages consist of artistic suggestions, materials as well as connections to the city and the museum’s pictures. They contain, among other things, a sketchpad, pencils and crayons, street crayons and an accompanying booklet with tasks and information. The booklet is translated into Ukrainian in an effort to respond to the current situation.

The child- and family-friendly Creativity Packages are expected to be distributed to institutions in Hamburg’s city centre from August 2022 onwards.


These programmes are supported by the Stiftung Kulturglück and the Verein Malschule in der Kunsthalle e.V. and have been developed in cooperation with the Stiftung Kulturglück.


Eine Stunde Kunst

Sat 11 a.m. (only in German)
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Private tours

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