Honey, I Rearranged The Collection

#3 Bouncing in the Corner. Surveying Space
Bruce Nauman: V, 1998, Wall Floor Positions untenlinks

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Bouncing in the Corner. Surveying Space is the final instalment of the exhibition series HONEY, I REARRANGED THE COLLECTION, which began with The Magic of Things. Perfidious Objects (2016) and continued with Help Me Hurt Me. Between Care and Cruelty (2017). Spanning three years, this show in three acts deals with basic areas of human experience and interaction: the relationship between people and things, interpersonal relationships, and how we relate to the space around us. It gives visitors an opportunity to rediscover the Hamburger Kunsthalle’s collection of contemporary art in all its breadth and diverse facets. Bouncing in the Corner showcases around 25 international artists whose works deal with aspects of space: How do we perceive space? What role do our own actions, experiences, memories and ideas play in our awareness of our surrounddings? How do we situate ourselves in space, what place do we occupy? How are socio-political (power) structures manifested in space? In the context of these questions, important works from the collection will be presented alongside new acquisitions that are being shown here for the first time. Our notions of space have changed significantly over the last century – all the way from Einstein’s theory of relativity to the so-called spatial turn in cultural studies and the social sciences. Space is no longer understood as a three-dimensional void. It is instead created in  relation to the human body, its movement and its perceptions. Actions, constellations and situations determine the social dimension of space. But spaces have always been politically defined as well, subject to processes of development, conquest and control. The sculptures, objects,  installations, films and photographs in the exhibition provide an idea of how diverse our notions of space can be. Architectural models, physical surveys, introspective exploration, sociopolitical manifestos, hidden places – they all tell of the spaces in which we live.

With works by Nevin Aladağ, Christian Boltanski, Stanley Brouwn, Hreinn Friðfinnsson, Isa Genzken, Mona Hatoum, Rebecca Horn, Jan  Köchermann, Gordon Matta-Clark, Michaela Melián, Olaf Metzel, Bruce Nauman, Dennis Oppenheim, Manfred Pernice, Sigmar Polke, Gerhard  Richter, Gregor Schneider, Thomas Schütte, Sara Sizer, Monika Sosnowska, Annette Streyl, Rosemarie Trockel and Jane & Louise Wilson.

Curator: Dr. Brigitte Kölle

Supported by: Deutsche Bank