Leave a Legacy

There are many ways to support the Hamburger Kunsthalle on a long-term basis and to enable future generations to better understand and enjoy art:

With your endowment grant, you help to strengthen the museum’s core programme and allow the Kunsthalle to expand its scope of activities on a permanent basis.

You may wish to share your strong appreciation for the Hamburger Kunsthalle by expressing this in your Testament. When you make the important decision regarding the focus of your legacy, consider including the Hamburger Kunsthalle in your Will by leaving a legacy donation, endowment or gift. You can determine which project or area of the collection your contribution should support. Your legacy gift is exempt from inheritance taxation. 

We Honour your Support

We would like to honour your decision to leave the Hamburger Kunsthalle a legacy gift.  Please contact us any time, if you are considering to include us in your Will.

Get involved in our Foundations

Foundation Hamburger Kunsthalle (Förderstiftung Hamburger Kunsthalle)

private – committed – future-oriented

The private-law Support Foundation Hamburger Kunsthalle builds on the civic tradition of the museum’s founding members: Its purpose is to provide financial support to the Hamburger Kunsthalle in all its essential concerns. Aside from supporting the museum in its core tasks of – collecting, preserving, researching and communicating art – the foundation’s range of activities comprises the support of investments for the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of the museum’s facilities. To this end, the Support Foundation Hamburger Kunsthalle solicits donations, endowments and bequests. Its objective is to increase the endowment capital over the long term, and to utilise the interest gained to secure a broad scope of activities for the museum on a permanent basis.

Board members of the Förderstiftung der Hamburger Kunsthalle:
Prof. Dr. Alexander Klar
Klaus von Bismarck, vice-chairman
Gero von Glasenapp
Anuschka Lichtenhahn-Pense
Ruth Mohr
Martin Philippi
Ingeborg Prinzessin zu Schleswig-Holstein

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Stiftung Hamburger Kunstsammlungen (SHK)

Since 1956, Stiftung Hamburger Kunstsammlungen (SHK) has enabled the Hamburger Kunsthalle to expand its collection. The SHK was developed as a public private partnership between private patrons and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. On request of the Kunsthalle, the foundation acquires works of art and offers them to the museum as permanent loans. Today the SHK is being supported by more than 200 benefactors who donate annually and are closely associated with the Kunsthalle.

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Recent Acquisitions

Campe'sche Historische Kunststiftung

Since 1909, Campe'sche Historische Kunststiftung has made it possible to buy older art for the Hamburg Kunsthalle.

Philipp Otto Runge Foundation

The Philipp Otto Runge Stiftung honours the memory of the great German painter Philipp Otto Runge (1777–1810) and his brother Johann Daniel Runge (1767–1856). Johann Daniel Runge financed Philipp Otto’s studies in Copenhagen and Dresden and paid the artist’s and his family’s upkeep during the years he spent working in Hamburg and beyond. This brotherly support facilitated the creation of a significant body of artistic work that paved the way for German Romanticism.

Continuing this tradition, a foundation was established in 2003 by Philipp Otto Runge’s great-great-great-grandson of the same name, in close collaboration with the Hamburger Kunsthalle, for the purpose of

  • supporting young visual artists through exhibitions, grants, catalogues, acquisitions of artworks or other related measures and
  • preserving and promoting research into the whole work of Philipp Otto Runge and increasing awareness of this work.

The members of the board of the Philipp Otto Runge Stiftung are Prof. Dr. Alexander Klar (Chairman), Dr. Sebastian Giesen, Hans Heinrich Bethge,  Dr. Petra Roettig and Ulrike Runge.

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