De Chirico AR Filter

Metaphysics is moving into the digital spheres of the 21st century... try the new augmented reality filter for instagram stories now!

In the middle of a wide, sunlit square with arcaded walkways a plaster sculpture ist standing. It is a sculpture of an ancient representation of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Right next to this fragment of the ancient, eternal female ideal of beauty banana plants are lying. They are overripe. In the background, we see a passing train.

Here, at the end of 1913, Giorgio de Chirico paints elements that do not seem to fit together - eternity meets transience, antiquity meets modernity. In addition to the motifs, the distorted perspective and the incomprehensible shadows undermine any sense of space and time.

The work The Uncertainty of the Poet is central to de Chirico's so-called metaphysical phase: among the pictures he painted between 1909 and 1919 and in which he sought to capture that which is beyond, above nature.

At the end of 1913, the artist began a series with this and other works called solitudine dei segni, The Solitude of Signs. From then on, de Chirico brought together inanimate objects in his compositions as pure  »signs« , far removed from any logic or interpretation. He takes them from history, everyday life or his childhood memories.

Now you can continue de Chirico's idea: With our new AR filter, you can integrate the central elements of the painting into your everyday life. Are there magically (in)suitable stages for it today as well? Metaphysics is moving into the digital spheres of the 21st century!

Here's how to use it:
Open the profile of the Hamburger Kunsthalle (hamburger.kunsthalle) in your Instagram app and click on the icon marked with the arrow. Open the AR filter and try it out. Tap on the screen to place the object in the room. The sculpture with the bananas will then appear in 3D on your screen and you can scale, rotate and move it. Once you have selected the right position, you can view the object from all sides like a real sculpture by moving with the camera. Don't forget to post the result in Instagram stories and tag @hamburger.kunsthalle! Have fun!