Yeomen III
Yeomen sind DE.P.UTY.ZAP, DOC.L.A.Bore, O.D.Ollar


Yeomen III, 1983
MC + Heft
Edition 50, signiert


Yeomen III
4 Blätter (Tracklist, Zertifikat, Werbeflyer, Zeichnung)

The tape has to be played extremely loud:

Behind the Dog
Put That Toy Up
Athletic Club
Bel Air Nerves
The Citizens Need No Warning
Waves Of Chloroform
Soukesian The Psychic
The Man who Liked Dogs
Twenty-Five Automatic
She Jumped In The Bay This Afternoon
A Great Lung Full of Smoke
Angel Wasn't A Good Housekeeper
Babe Liked Sue, Vassos Liked Sue, Sue liked Babe
Behind The Dog