Saint-Etienne 1947 - lebt in Paris


Endurance: Reel Four, 1995
Farbe, Ton, U-Matic, NTSC, 46:39
Erworben im internationalen Kunsthandel


Performance, Body Art, Compilation
"Endurance" ist der Titel einer Ausstellung über Performance-Kunst, die vom 4. März bis 15. April 1995 bei "Exit Art" in New York gezeigt wurde. Der Begriff steht für Aktionen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst von physischer, mentaler und zeitlicher Dauer.

1. Sherman Fleming, AxVapor, 1989, 10:00 Min.
"'AxVapor' is from a series of performances Fleming undertook under the name 'RODFORCE'. In it, he wore shoes bolted to halves of bowling balls, round side down, and span and fell repeatedly over an Oriental rung.
Washington D.C.-based artist Sherman Fleming has explored the relationship between psychical endurance and social structures and the intersection of race and gender. In subjecting his body to a series of ’tests’ - not unlike the repetitious contests in Acconci's early work - Fleming reveals the absurdity and chaos in the attempt to control the inevitable" (zit. http://www.vdb.org).

2. Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose, & Kirby Dick, Autopsy, 1994, 15:40 Min
"The objective of this collaboration is to produce a series of videos and installations that focus on Flanagan's and Rose's themes of masochism, dominance and submission, illness and death.
Bob Flanagan was among the oldest living survivors of cystic fibrosis, a degenerative genetic illness affecting the lungs and stomach that is usually fatal by early adolescence. Working in collaboration with Sheree Rose for over fifteen years, Flanagan's use of illness symbiotically refers to masochism. Bob Flanagan's performance career began in the late 1970's in Los Angeles night clubs. The early performances involved poetry readings and stand-up comedy. Later, Flanagan incorporated s/m performance-demonstrations which challenged the boundaries for underground sex culture and performance as spectacle" (zit. nach http://www.vdb.org).

3. Linda Montano, Seven Years of Living Art, 1994,13:13 Min
"A video collage of a seven-year performance piece by performance artist Linda Montano, which chronicles the issues and events that arose in Montano's life as she devoted a year to each of the seven chakras.
Attempting to obliterate the distinction between art and life, Montano's artwork is starkly autobiographical and often concerned with personal and spiritual discipline" (zit. nach http://www.vdb.org).

4. Orlan, Opération réussie (Successful Operation), 1994, 8 Min.
"As usual Orlan stayed awake during the surgery-performance, while explaining her project, answering questions and comments from the public.
Since May of 1990, Orlan has been developing a project entitled 'La Reincarnation de Sainte-Orlan or Image(s)-Nouvelle(s) Image(s)', in which she has undergone a series of surgical interventions. Each of these operations is presented as a performance" (zit. nach http://www.vdb.org).

VIDEO Club 99: Video und Performance, Hamburger Kunsthalle, 21.2.1999

LIT: Übergangsbogen und Überhöhungsrampe. Naturwissenschaftliche und künstlerische Verfahren, Symposion I und II / Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg, hrsg. von Bogomir Ecker, Frank Barth, Hamburg 1996.