Ben Johnston
Macon / Georgia 1928
John Cage
Los Angeles 1912 - 1992 New York
Lejaren Hiller
New York City 1924 - 1994 Buffalo/New York


HPSCHD (1967-1969) / String Quartet No. 2 (1964), 1967-1969/1964


Experimentelle Musik, Zufall
Ben Johnston
The Composers Quartet
Matthew Raimondi: Violine
Anahid Ajemian: Violine
Bernard Zaslov: Viola
Seymour Barab: Cello

John Cage und Lejaren Hiller
HPSCHD (1967-1969) for harpsichords and computer-generated sound tapes
Antoinette Vischer: Neupert Bach-model harpsichord (Solo II)
Neely Bruce: Hubbard double harpsichord with 17% Eltro time compression (Solo VI)
David Tudor: Baldwin solid-body electronic harpsichord (Solo I)
Laetitia Snow: Computerprogrammierung

Ben Johnston
String Quartet No. 2 (1964)
Light and quick: with grace and humour, 2:44 Min.
Initmate, spacious, 5:21 Min.
Extremely minute and intense; not fast--Quick, mercurial--Very fast, with suppressed excitement--Quick--Extremely minute, 6:40 Min.

“HPSCHD, a collaboration between John Cage and Lejaren Hiller, first performed on May 16, 1969 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, called for 7 harpsichords playing randomly-processed music by Mozart and other composers, 51 tapes of computer-generated sounds, approximately 5000 slides of abstract designs and space exploration, and several films, all of which were performed or presented simultaneously in an asynchronous and exuberant anarchy of activity. HPSCHD was the ultimate multimedia experience” (zit. nach