Terry Fox
Seattle/Washington 1943 - lebt in Köln


Teil der Compilation:

Airwaves, 1977
2 LP


Compilation, Performance, Spoken Word, Laut-Dichtung
Terry Fox
Vito Acconci, Ten Packed Minutes, 1977, 12:47 Min.
musikalische Ausschnitte der Aufnahmen von Leon Redbone, Cow Cow Davenport, Eric Dolphy, Karl Berger und Ornette Coleman
Jana Haimsohn, Hav' a Lava Flow, 1977, 2:36 Min.
Terry Fox, The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Different Cats, 1976, 9:03 Min., Ausschnitt

Julia Heyward, Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup (Part One), Nose Flute (Part Two), 1977, 8:48 Min.
Dennis Oppenheim, Broken Record Blues, 1976, 5 Min.
Meredith Monk, Rally, für 25 Stimmen, 1975-1976, 3:23 Min.
Meredith Monk, Procession, Stimme und Klavier von der Oper "Quarry", 1975-1976, 6:42 Min.

Diego Cortez, Arbiter, 1975, 1:42 Min.
Diego Cortez, You Pay, 1975, 1:45 Min. (Sound Track zum Film "Poisoning", 1975)
Jim Burton, High Country Helium, 1976, 5:58 Min., (mit: John Deak - Geige und Percussion; Ed Friedman - Bottle Neck Gitarre; Jim Burton - Peddle Steel)
Leandro Katz, Animal Hours, 1977, 7:50 Min. (Stimmen: Judith Hindra, Ellen Friedenberg, Ted Castle, Leandro Katz)
Connie Beckley, Triad Triangle, 1977, 5:48 Min.

Laurie Anderson, Two Songs for Tape Bow Violin: Ethics is The Esthetics of The Few - Ture (Lenin), Song for Juanita, 1977, 4:06 Min.
Laurie Anderson, Is Anybody Home, 1976, 4:27 Min. (für Schiffssirene, Kamera, Treppen, Klavier und Gesang, mit: Peter Gordon - Klarinette; Joe Kos - Schlagzeug; Scott Johnson - Bass; Laurie Anderson - Gesang und Geige)
Laurie Anderson, It's Not The Bullett That Kills You - It's The Hole (for Chris Burden), 1976, 3:49 Min. (mit: Scott Johnson - Gitarre, Bass; Joe Kos - Schlagzeug; Ken Deilik - Harmonika; Laurie Anderson - Geige und Gesang; Scott Johnson, Laurie Anderson & Ken Deifik - Arrangement)
Diego Cortez, Cataract Monologue, 1976, 2:53 Min. (Ausschnitte einer Ansprache zum "April Treffen", Belgrad, 1976)
Jacki Apple, Black holes/blue sky dreams, 8 Min.
Richard Nonas, What Do You Know, 1976-1977, 0:20 Min.

Terry Fox, The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Different Cats, 1976, 9:03 Min.
Tape produced by Z.B:S:, Fort Edward, New York. Sound engineer: Bob Bilecki
"The labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral is made of blue and white stones set into the stone floor of the cathedral. It is a unicursal path winding in 34 turns through 11 concentric rings to the center. It is 12m 87 in diameter and has 552 steps following its course from the entrance to the center. This labyrinth formed the blueprint for all my work from 1972 to 1978. I attempted to make sound from it a few times. Two examples are 'The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Cats' and '552 Steps Through 11 Pairs of Strings'. For the former, I recorded 8 continuous minutes of purring from 11 different cats. They were then mixed to follow the exact path of the labyrinth with one cat representing each of the 11 concentric rings, 10 seonds of overlapping purrs to indicate each of the 34 turns. The tape follows in stereo the path of the labyrinth with the center finally represented by the simultaneous purring of all 11 cats.
(The other work '552 Steps Through 11 Pairs of Strings' was a performance in my loft in San Francisco in which I stretched 11 pairs of piano wires of 11 different thicknesses across the wooden floor of my studio)" (Terry Fox in: Linkage. LP und Katalog, Kunstmuseum Luzern, 1982).