Laurie Anderson
Chicago 1947 - lebt in New York


Teil der Compilation:

Airwaves, 1977
2 LP


Compilation, Performance, Spoken Word, Laut-Dichtung
Laurie Anderson
Vito Acconci, Ten Packed Minutes, 1977, 12:47 Min.
musikalische Ausschnitte der Aufnahmen von Leon Redbone, Cow Cow Davenport, Eric Dolphy, Karl Berger und Ornette Coleman
Jana Haimsohn, Hav' a Lava Flow, 1977, 2:36 Min.
Terry Fox, The Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Different Cats, 1976, 9:03 Min., Ausschnitt

Julia Heyward, Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup (Part One), Nose Flute (Part Two), 1977, 8:48 Min.
Dennis Oppenheim, Broken Record Blues, 1976, 5 Min.
Meredith Monk, Rally, für 25 Stimmen, 1975-1976, 3:23 Min.
Meredith Monk, Procession, Stimme und Klavier von der Oper "Quarry", 1975-1976, 6:42 Min.

Diego Cortez, Arbiter, 1975, 1:42 Min.
Diego Cortez, You Pay, 1975, 1:45 Min. (Sound Track zum Film "Poisoning", 1975)
Jim Burton, High Country Helium, 1976, 5:58 Min., (mit: John Deak - Geige und Percussion; Ed Friedman - Bottle Neck Gitarre; Jim Burton - Peddle Steel)
Leandro Katz, Animal Hours, 1977, 7:50 Min. (Stimmen: Judith Hindra, Ellen Friedenberg, Ted Castle, Leandro Katz)
Connie Beckley, Triad Triangle, 1977, 5:48 Min.

Laurie Anderson, Two Songs for Tape Bow Violin: Ethics is The Esthetics of The Few - Ture (Lenin), Song for Juanita, 1977, 4:06 Min.
Laurie Anderson, Is Anybody Home, 1976, 4:27 Min. (für Schiffssirene, Kamera, Treppen, Klavier und Gesang, mit: Peter Gordon - Klarinette; Joe Kos - Schlagzeug; Scott Johnson - Bass; Laurie Anderson - Gesang und Geige)
Laurie Anderson, It's Not The Bullett That Kills You - It's The Hole (for Chris Burden), 1976, 3:49 Min. (mit: Scott Johnson - Gitarre, Bass; Joe Kos - Schlagzeug; Ken Deilik - Harmonika; Laurie Anderson - Geige und Gesang; Scott Johnson, Laurie Anderson & Ken Deifik - Arrangement)
Diego Cortez, Cataract Monologue, 1976, 2:53 Min. (Ausschnitte einer Ansprache zum "April Treffen", Belgrad, 1976)
Jacki Apple, Black holes/blue sky dreams, 8 Min.
Richard Nonas, What Do You Know, 1976-1977, 0:20 Min.

Laurie Anderson, Two Songs for Tape Bow Violin.
Single. Holly Solomon Gallery, New York, 1977
"This single - produced by Bob George - was part of Laurie Anderson one-woman show at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York, and was displayed in a juke-box. The show contained work which was considered part of the at the time very much acknowledged ’narrative art’. Laurie Anderson carried this movement, which mainly used a combination of fotografy and text into the new context of analogue and electronic audiovisual media and their application in performance art" (zit. nach