Vito Acconci
Bronx/New York 1940 - lebt in Brooklyn/New York


Teil der Compilation:

Live To Air, Artists' Sound Works, 1982
3 MC


Konzept, Intermedia
Vito Acconci
Bruce McLean with Harvey Mangolds Vidoer Diodes: Limpo-Wristo Poncho-Rock, 7:44 Min.
Julia Heyward with T-Venus: Keep Moving Buddy, 5:21 Min.
Rod Summers with Tacky and the Original Vecettes: Mailart Dada Skank, 5:50 Min.
Art & Language: Future Pilots - Ratman the Weight Watcher, 2:47 Min.
Barbara Ess, Oblivion Call Me To Ya (Part III), 5:22 Min.
Dan Graham, My Religion, Extract from a work tape: Ann Lee, 6:50 Min.

Clive Robertson: Hegemony, 2:36 Min.
Clive Robertson: Who Is going To Pay You To Stay At Home, 5:36 Min.
Yura Adams: Femme Futura: Switsch Fever, 2:30 Min.
Yura Adams: Maid Without Tears, 3:00 Min.
David Garland: I Am With You, 3:14 Min.
Tina Keane: Demolition, 4:22 Min.
Jacki Apple: The Planet Garden Revisited (Scene 4 "The Storytellers"), 5:17 Min.
Adrian Hall: Depth Gauge, 6:23 Min.
Arleen schloss: How She Sees It - By Her 3:00 aM June 6 1981, 3:40 Min.

Richard Layzell, An Eye For Music, 5:15 Min.
Ian Brackwell: The Holiday Cottage, 4:17 Min.
Bob George: Warhead In The Forehead, 3:00 Min.
Ian Murray: Three Studies From Toward a Northern Service; Station Identification, The Weather, Pet Corner!, 8:53 Min.
Hannah O'Shea: A Litany For Women Artists, 5:34 Min.
Rose Garrard: White Feather, 5:00 Min.
Gerald Newman: Epitaph (South Atlantic), 8:32 Min.

Silvia A. Ziranek: Rarely Talk (UsedAir), 7:49 Min.
Lawrence Weiner / Peter Gordon: Memories Of Stu Irwin, 6:30 Min.
Connie Beckley: To Faust: A Footnote, 7:27 Min.
Charlie Hooker: Restricted Movements
John Nixon / Anti Musi: A Sampler Pink + Blue, 5.15 Min.
Maurizio Nannucci: Fingers Music, 2:23 Min.
Hank Bull: The H.P. Dinner Show, 5:30 Min.

David Cunningham: But Everybody Loved Dominic Lynch, 2:48 Min.
Jack Goldstein, 3:00 Min.
Tom Marioni: Studio Sounds, 4:25 Min.
David Troostwyk: Twelve Drumming Messages, 4:54 Min.
Dieter Roth: Harmonica Curse, 3:00 Min.
Kerry Trengove: Enclosures, 5:00 Min.
Helen Chadwick: Model Institution an Architectural Sound Sculpture, 5:33 Min.
John Carson: American Medley, 8:13 Min.

Vito Acconci: Now Do You Believe The Dirty Dogs Are Dead, 1:10 Min.
Stuart Brisley, There will Be No Disasters (Georgina Collection V), 5:00 Min.
Les Levine: Lose, 5:00 Min.
F. Uwe Laysiepen / Marina Abramovic, Bioguarde, 4:43 Min.
Roberta M. Graham (The Bob Graham Four): Hit And Myth, 4:55 Min.
Steve Willats: The New Reality, 8:00 Min.
Elsa Stansfield / Madelon Hooykaas: Void, 10:00 Min.