Tours at the Hamburger Kunsthalle

Gruppenbesuche vor der Kunst
The Hamburger Kunsthalle's 12,000 square meters of exhibition space are home toworks from 700 years of art history, inviting viewers to look, enjoy, questionand interpret. Every look at these opens a fresh perspective, offering something new every time: the focus areas within the collection, masterpieces, lines of development, individual artists and thematic aspects, artistic techniques, periods of art history and special exhibitions. Take advantage ofour wide range of tour options!

Ourknowledgeable team of art historians, artists and art educators allow newbies and first-time visitors, as well as art connoisseurs and art lovers to gain fresh insight and develop new perspectives on the artworks. Guided tours opencan open your eyes to the hidden and remarkable in what the museum has to offer, give you a closer look, provide background information and create anopportunity for exchange.

Withall of our available tours and topics, you can choose between a 60-minuteintroduction (Worth a look!) discussing selected works or a 90-minute,more in-depth museum talk following the idea Upon closer inspection!

Many of our topic discussions are led in English, French, Italian, Russian or Spanish – by native speakers well-versed in both art and foreign-language teaching.

When? During museum opening hours
For whom? Adults
How much? Introduction (up to 60 minute): 55 €, includes the price of admission (up to 90 minutes): 65 € includes the price of admission, foreign languages surcharge 5 € Sunday surcharge 5 €
Booking? By phone +49 40-428 131 0  here you can also request a copy of Museumstouren, a catalogue of available tours
Advice? Call +49 40-428 131-213 /-214
Anything else? Tours by those not associated with the Kunsthalle must notify us ahead of time, also by phone at +49 40-428 131-200. Here we would also ask for a licensing fee of 10 €. Would you like to complete your visitwith a trip to our café or restaurant? Areyou planning an exclusive event?
Do you have any questions or special requests?
Would you like us to send you the two catalogues Museumsgespräche
(museum talks) and Museumstouren (museum tours) in the post?
We are happy to answer any questions by phone at +49 40-428 131-215, or E-Mail


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