Educational Exhibitions and Publications

Painting Techniques: An Educational Exhibition

Since Lichtwark, this unbiased, investigative look has been an integral part of the Kunsthalle's art education methods and museum talks, allowing visitors to embark on an exciting voyage of discovery: through the traces of the painting's development as it comes through in the tiny details, overpainting; the incomplete, restored, planned, accidental and material.

Naturally, looking for signs of the artist's hand also entails a look at the respective painting techniques, pigments, binders and surfaces, careful and deliberate sloppiness with layered glazes or thick paint squeezed from the tube. An exciting educational exhibition entitled "How the Pictures were Made" traced the transition from the old masters and modern classics to the many examples of in the Kunsthalle's collection.

The Galerie der Gegenwart houses an educational presentation on present-day techniques and materials used by contemporary artists: air, stone, water, fire, wood, felt, metal, plaster, wax and plastic or waste and food products.

A catalogue accompanied the educational exhibition:
"Von Pinsel und Öl zu Kohle und Blei" (From Painting and Oil to Charcoal and Lead).
The book addresses the question "Are they not able to or do they not want to?" in a fun and informative way. Thomas Sello and Rainer Müller
180 pages with over 300 mostly color illustrations, 15 € at the shop of the Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V.
The part of the publication on materials in contemporary art is also available as a special edition.
Thomas Sello and Rainer Müller with contributions from Annabelle Görgen and Olaf Pascheit
39 pages with color images: 4.50 €
published in German

Publications by the Hamburger Kunsthalle Education department (published in German)

Poet oder Ingenieur? Geometrisches Abtasten der Dinge dieser Welt.
Exhibition booklet for "Attila Csörg – The Archimedean Point", 27 Feb to 15 May 2011
12 pages, with illustrations and 4 cut-out sheets, 2011, 5 €

Hamburger Kunsthalle für junge Leser
A family guide – also for adults
Thomas Sello takes the reader through the Hamburger Kunsthalle and with it, through the most important phases in art history.
82 pages with many colored illustrations, Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung, 2009, 14.95 €

Augen auf und mitgemacht! 40 Jahre Malschule in der Hamburger Kunsthalle
Edited by Hubertus Gassner and Thomas Sello on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the school of painting and an exhibition of children's pictures.
48 pages with numerous color illustrations, 2008, 5 €

Das Kind als Künstler
21 large and 100 small masters - from Rembrandt to Baselitz, Ben (5) to Lisa (13). Painting students realize their own visual ideas. Everything – be it drawing, ink, collage or sculpting – is introduced with instructions on how to do it.
120 pages with numerous color illustrations, Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 2003, 5 €

Von Pinsel und Öl zu Kohle und Blei
Künstler der Hamburger Kunsthalle – Ihre Techniken und Materialien
Thomas Sello and Rainer Müller with contributions by Olaf Pascheit and Annabelle Görgen
180 pages with over 300 multi-colored illustrations, Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 2000,
15 €

A box of surprises that you can use to crack the secrets of the art gallery. 12 large-format leaflets (each 6-8 pages), each connecting a work in the Galerie der Gegenwart with one of the masters in art history.
The box also includes pens and 30 inspiring utensils – from sparklers to a magnifying glass – for trying out more than one hundred artistic ideas at home.
Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 1998, 9.90 €

The leaflets are also available individually for 2 € each. These include the following:

"Art bridges": Monet - Dan Flavin, Baselitz - Kandinsky, Beuys - Hinz, Bruce Nauman - Klee, Kounellis - Rembrandt, Segal - Manet.
Individual topics: Emil Nolde, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Max Liebermann, Selbstbildnisse, Edvard Munch, George Grosz, Picasso: Malerei, Picasso: Skulpturen, Meister Bertrams Petri-Altar - Modell des gesamten Wandelaltars zum Zusammenbauen, Schnittbogen zu Runges Farbkugel.

Moderne Kunst - was ist das?
The avant-garde in Russia and Germany, in cooperation with the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
Edited by Thomas Sello, Natalija Kuleschowa, Boris Stoljarow,
Texts in German - Russian, with approximately 30 color images showing work in both museums.
96 pages, Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 1998, 9.40 €

Der Rahmen ist das halbe Bild
Bilderrahmen in der Hamburger Kunsthalle. Thomas Sello.
48 pages, approx. 80 mostly color illustrations, Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 1995, 5 €

Munchs "Roßkur"
Experimente mit Technik und Material. Jan Thurmann-Moe.
32 pages, approx. 50 mostly color illustrations, Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 1996, 3.50 €

Wasser in der Kunst
Text by Thomas Sello with contributions by Jenns E. Howoldt and Lilli Fischer.
1992, 36 pages, 2 €

Nicht nur mit Pinsel und Öl
99 Maler der Hamburger Kunsthalle und ihre Techniken.
Thomas Sello, Rainer Müller
128 pages with 300 multi-colored illustrations, Verlag am Galgenberg, 1991

Reprint of the supplement to "Zu Kohle und Blei – Techniken und Materialien in der Galerie der Gegenwart", 2000
40 pages with over 40 illustrations, 4.50 €

Von der Idee zum Bronzeguss
Booklet for an exhibition by the Museum Education Services at the Hamburg Kunsthalle in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Rostock
Thomas Sello.
32 pages with numerous illustrations, 1991, Out of stock