Disabled people

at the Hamburger Kunsthalle can...

Take advantage of a wide array of programs including tours, museum talks and courses designed to promote exchange through unique forms of communication.
Groups and individuals are welcome contact us ahead of time; we are glad to arrange individual events focusing on any topic and any presentation form available in our other programs for the general public, be it a museum talk, course, child's birthday party or holiday program. We are also happy work with you to develop other subjects of focus. Please feel free to contact us.

Information for disabled people and those with learning disabilities.
Contact: +49 40 - 428131-213/ -214, Fax: +49 40 - 42854-2799
E-Mail: museumspaedagogik@hamburger-kunsthalle.de

Visit program events including tours, museum talks and courses

Information for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
Contact: Martina Bergmann
Video-telephone: +49 40 - 42 85 58 27
Fax: +49 40 - 427 925 324
E-Mail: martina.bergmann@museumsdienst-hamburg.de

Museumsdienst Hamburg:
Tel.: 040 - 428131-0, Fax: 040 - 42824-324
E-Mail: info@museumsdienst-hamburg.de