FAQs (frequently asked questions)

To whom can I direct my feedback? »


Please visit the Visitors Bureau if you are at the museum.

Or send an E-Mail to besucherbuero@hamburger-kunsthalle.de

1. Is there a combined ticket that will allow me to visit other museums as well? »
1. What special exhibitions are showing at the other art institutions in Hamburg? »
Can I buy gift certificates? »

Gift certificates for a visit to the Hamburger Kunsthalle can be purchased during our opening hours from Tuesday through Sunday. The ticket office is open between 10 am and 5:30 pm, Thursdays until 8:30 pm. These vouchers can be purchased for an amount between 4 € to 50 €. Gift certificates must be redeemed for admission tickets at one of our ticket counters on the day of the visit to the Kunsthalle. If the voucher does not cover the full amount of admission, the remaining amount of the certificate will be deducted from the admission price.

Can I purchase tickets online or have them mailed to me by post? »

THE Hamburger Kunsthalle WITHOUT A WAIT
Now you can buy tickets online on your computer or mobile device for your visit to the Hamburger Kunsthalle or for many of our events. Avoid the queues at the cashier’s desk and purchase your admission tickets for the Hamburger Kunsthalle simply and conveniently from your own home.

How can I book a tour and how much does it cost? »

Tours can be booked online through MUSEUMSDIENST HAMBURG by telephone at +49 40 428 131 0 or http://www.museumsdienst-hamburg.de/or. For information and advice about tour content, please contact our Education and Outreach department at phone +49 040 - 428 131 213 /-214 /-215 or museumspaedagogik@hamburger-kunsthalle.de.

How can I register for a public tour? »

Unfortunately we are unable make reservations for our public tours, though tickets can be booked ahead of time. Tickets for our public tours can be purchased during our ticket office hours from Thursday through Sunday between 10am and 5:30 pm and Thursdays until 8:30 pm.
A selection of guided tours and special events, you can now also purchase online.

Can I borrow a wheelchair? »

Yes. All exhibition areas can be reached with wheelchair ramps or by elevator. If you would like to borrow a wheelchair, please reserve one at our Visitors Bureau at  besucherbuero@hamburger-kunsthalle.de or by
phone +49 40 428 131-200.

Can I bring my dog? »

Unfortunately no. Animals (of whatever kind) may not be brought into the Hamburger Kunsthalle. We are also unable to hold animals for visitors.

Can I bring my stroller or baby carriage? »

Yes. Baby carriages, buggies and strollers are allowed in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Buggies can also be borrowed on request. You will find these at the coat check as long as any are available. Scooters, skateboards, Inline skates and the like are not permitted.

Does the Kunsthalle have any programming for children? »

Information about our children's programming can be found here
Birthday parties can be booked at MUSEUMSDIENST HAMBURG, Tel. 040- 428131-0.

Yes. Information about children's birthday parties can be found here. Birthday parties can be booked at our Visitors Bureau.

Can I take pictures in the Hamburger Kunsthalle? »

Photography, film, video or other recordings without a tripod and lamps is permitted for private use only. We ask you to be considerate of other visitors while photographing and filming. These images may not be posted in the internet or given to a third party for commercial purposes.
Requests for commercial photography and film shoots should be done in advance with our Events department. You must specify the purpose of these photographs or films. Video, film and photography shoots on the premises are subject to charge: schatz@hamburger-kunsthalle.de or by telephone at +49 40 428 131 210.
Journalists needing press images should contact our press office at: forte@hamburger-kunsthalle.de or by telephone at +49 40 428 131 204.

Can I attend exhibition openings? »

We invite all to our exhibition openings.

Supporters of Hamburger Kunsthalle acquisitions, publications, exhibitions and more become members of the Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V. As a member, you will receive regular invitations to all openings and artist talks, and will be given free admissionto all exhibitions at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. 

Freunde der Kunsthalle
Is there a museum guide? »

A museum guide can be purchased for 12.95 € in our shops (including the online-shop); detailed information about our collection can be found in our inventory catalogue for: Alte Meister, Alte Meister - Niederländer, Klassische Moderne, Kunst der Gegenwart, Deutsche, Italienische und Niederländische Zeichnungen.