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Photo: Alke Vierck, © Hamburger Kunsthalle

"We do not want a museum that stands there and waits, but an institution that actively intervenes in the artistic education of our population."
Alfred Lichtwark in his inaugural speech on 9 December 1886

The effect of the commitment shown by Alfred Lichtwark, the first director of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, can still be seen today. Education and outreach continue to be a high priority at the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Working in an intensive cooperation with schools, numerous collaborations and a comprehensive program of tours, museum talks, workshops, holiday programs, courses, events, educational publications and exhibitions aimed at a wider audience, the Hamburger Kunsthalle aims to open up different means of access and approaches with a range that extends from art appreciation to art history, from to seeing to do-it-yourself, from a quick impression to an intensive debate.

The following pages provide an outline of what we offer for various audiences, from children to adults.

Whether alone or with family or friends, on a day off or an out-of-town visit to Hamburg: take advantage of our guided tours, topic-related tours, audio guides, or the artistic weekend breakfast Untitled Breakfast for a remarkable look at what Hamburg and the Kunsthalle have to offer.

Are you visiting with a group or a school? A customized tour will make your visit an exceptional experience, giving you a unique opportunity to enjoy outstanding works of art. A team of art historians, artists and art educators are there to offer newcomers and first time visitors – but also art connoisseurs and art lovers – different perspectives on the Hamburger Kunsthalle's exhibitions and permanent collections.

Combined on this 12,000 square meters of space are paintings, prints, sculptures and statues from nearly 700 years of culture. This unique catalogue of treasures is the basis for our activities, providing resources that we are constantly looking at with different eyes and setting in relation to each other. In doing so, we hope not only to open up a vibrant, sensory and aesthetic experience of these works, but to gain new insight into them as well.

Please note that the program is mainly in German.
Please ask the Education and Outreach Department if you are interested in courses or other activities offered in English or other languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Russian). Refer to the German website for details.

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