Special courses for educators


Allof our courses are led by artists, art historians and art educators.They are specialists in their field.
Take advantage of our comprehensive selection of courses for additional training and continuing education.
We are happy to provide you with a certificate showing your participation.

When? The course program is published twice a year, in January and in June
For whom? Adults, withother courses for children, teens and families
How much? Please see the individual course listings
Booking? In writing. Pleasesend an E-Mail to
kurse@hamburger-kunsthalle.de, use the Online Form, or send a letter to:

Bildung und Vermittlung

or by fax: +49 40-428 542 799

Anyquestions? We're happy to send to you the program in the post!
Feel free to give us a call at +49 40-428 131-215 or send an E-Mail to



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