in the Wonderland of Art

22 June – 30 September 2012
Galerie der Gegenwart, 1st and 2nd Floor


Alice in Wonderland is frequently interpreted as a story about coming of age, told from theperspective of a young girl seeking to find her place in a world whose laws andcustoms are unfamiliar to her. In order to correctly play the role expected ofher, Alice needs to learn these unfamiliar codes. One hundred and fifty yearslater, the conventions may have changed, but they still dictate the transitionfrom girlhood into womanhood. This aspect of the story remains as topical asever and is reflected in contemporary works – especially by younger womenartists – with Alice as an identification figure.

In a number of photographic works,for example, key scenes from the novels are re-enacted in a contemporarycontext, while in some of the sculptural pieces, Alice's body and thechallenges it faces have been brought together in different combinations,similar to how the letters of her name are rearranged to create the works'titles, turning Alice into Lacie, Elica... Carroll's Alice has an enduring fascination and will surely continue toinspire future creations in the Wonderland of art.