Youngsters' Art -
Jugendliche führen Jugendliche –
for school classes and youth groups

Jugendliche führen Jugendliche

Visit the museum with school classes or youth groups: The classic for class trips, excursions and the like. Naturally there is a lot to choose from and many ways of discovering the Kunsthalle with artists, art educator or art historians. But you also have the option of visiting as part of the Youngsters' Art – Jugendliche führen Jugendliche program. Other languages, another approach – anything but instructive, aimed at recent art and gladly followed by a practical activity to finish the tour. Events are organized by our two associates at the FSJ Kultur. Choose from any of our special exhibitions, or take a topic-focused tour such as:
Untitled – What's New in the Art of Today, Time leaves its traces... in modern artworks, this is often intentional! Here you learn how artists play with time and chance and how you yourself can become part of an artwork. What does is the artist trying to tell me with that? Why is it art? We'll try to get behind this mystery and see for ourselves how these artistic procedures can be used!

When? Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday to 9 p.m.
For whom? Young people age 14 and up
How much? Introduction (up to 60 minutes): 20 € Museum talk (up to 90 minutes): 30 € Museum talk - long (up to 120 minutes): 40 € Projects (up to 180 minutes): 60 € Prices for school classes and young peoples' groups include the price of admission
Booking? Call +49 40-428 131-0 or visit our website
Anything else? For appointments and details about Youngsters' Art for school classes or youth groups, please get in touch with FSJ Kultur staff members Sina Fuhrmann and Claas Busche, phone +49 40-428 131-216

FSJ Kultur at the Hamburger Kunsthalle is organized by the LKJ Niedersachsen . It is made possible by the Budnianer Hilfe e.V. and the Förderverein Malschule in der Kunsthalle e.V.


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