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Robert Wilson Video Portraits

16 October 2009 until 10 January 2010
Falckenberg Collection
Fabrikhallen Phoenix, Tor 2
Wilstorfer Str. 71
21073 Hamburg

In cooperation with Sammlung Falckenberg, the Hamburger Kunsthalle presents from the 17th of October in the Galerie der Gegenwart four video portraits by renowned director and playwright Robert Wilson. Since 2004 Robert Wilson has created video portraits of actors, dancers, artists, athletes, aristocrats as well as unknown people and animals. On first glance they seem static but upon closer inspection one can see that they subtly change. The portraits which are modelled in light and colour and accompanied by music inspire the imagination of the viewer by their poetic and sometimes surreal manner. For the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Robert Wilson selected the portraits of actress Isabelle Huppert, dancer and choreographer Sofia Boutella, actor Peter Stormare and an auto mechanic Norman Paul Fleming. At Sammlung Falckenberg, another 40 video portraits are on show.

The exhibition Robert Wilson Video Portraits is supported by Montblanc International and produced by Dissident Industries Inc.

MontBlanc Dissident



Robert Wilson

Photo: Robert Wilson
Sofia Boutella (sitting)
Dancer and choreographer, 2008
Music by Hans Peter Kuhn