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Rembrandt - not Rembrandt?
Paintings and Drawings by Rembrandt and his pupils
from the collection of the Hamburg Kunsthalle and the Kunsthalle Bremen

25 June - 3 September 2000

RembrandtThe exhibition »Rembrandt - not Rembrandt« is a joint project being organized by the Hamburg Kunsthalle and the Bremen Kunsthalle. For the first time, these two concurrent shows will bring together works of art by Rembrandt and his pupils drawn from the collections of both museums and present them to a wider public. The exhibition in Bremen will focus on drawings, the Hamburg Kunsthalle on paintings. How do we recognize a Rembrandt? EeckhoutWhat are the aesthetic aspects which make his paintings different from those of his pupils and successors? What importance did the artists and collectors of the time place on questions of style? The exhibitions in Hamburg and Bremen offer an excellent survey of the artists who, as colleagues, pupils or employees, had direct contact to Rembrandt, which set the standards for the generation of artists to come. The pupils' response to their teacher is evident in the form of repetition, in terms of style, subject matter and composition. This double exhibition attempts to identify the similarities and the differences upon which we base our judgement »Rembrandt - not Rembrandt« and puts our powers of aesthetic discrimination to the test. ?

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