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Annette Messager
4 June - 8 August 1999


In June 1999 the French artist Annette Messager (*1943) will fill the Dome Room of the Hamburg Kunsthalle with her expansive installation piece "DépendanceIndépendance". The same work was initially shown in Bordeaux and subsequently in New York.

DependanceIndependance: Messager’s work often involves bringing together things and ideas which seem irreconcilable. She has described herself as an artist and collector. Her obsessive collecting can be seen as a struggle against the finality of death. The larger the collection grows, the more incomplete it becomes.

Messager has compared the work "DépendanceIndépendance" to rain. Hundreds of droplets - accumulated artificial items such as black-and-white photographs, lightbulbs, pieces of material, nets, polythene sheeting and stuffed animals - are suspended from the ceiling on long threads. Each raindrop is solitary and independent; the objects are hung close together without touching. It is the viewer who forms a connection between the isolated elements. In this work, which more than any other envelops and incorporates the viewer’s own body, Messager aims to create an oppressive atmosphere but at the same time communicate a feeling of freedom.

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