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John Martin. Paradise lost
25 February to 28 May 2007

Hegewisch Kabinett

The English painter and graphic artist John Martin (179-1854) did a sequence of large mezzotint sheet on the famous epic Paradise Lost by John Milton (1608-1674). Martin's 24 illustrations depict the Fall of Man and Adam and Eve being driven from the Garden of Paradise as a violent battle between divine and devilish forces. Martin made masterly use of the potential of the mezzotint, contrasting dark black velvety planes with bright light areas and thereby underscoring the dramatic aspect of the scenes. His striking images became models for artists such as Gustave Doré and William Strang, who in the late 19th century created their own sequences of illustrations of Paradise Lost.

Curator of the exhibition: Dr. Petra Roettig



John Martin (1789 – 1854)

John Martin (1789 – 1854)
Eve`s Dream - Satanaroused (Folge: Paradise Lost, Blatt 11), 1824

John Martin (1789 – 1854)

John Martin (1789 – 1854)
Creation of Light (Folge: Paradise Lost, Blatt 16), 1824

Photos: Christoph Irrgang

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