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Pieter Lastman. In Rembrandt’s Shadow?
13 April – 30 July 2006

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Pieter Lastman’s (1583-1633) oeuvre is of pre-eminent importance for the development of history painting in Holland. 1618 he is lauded in a “Praise of the City of Amsterdam” as one of the most important painters of his home town. With the example of biblical sources, the selected paintings present his innovative method of composing his works. Only in the 19th century the importance of his personal artistic achievement was overshadowed by the fact that Rembrandt briefly studied in his workshop. Indeed, throughout his life Rembrandt reworked several of Lastman’s subjects and made them popular among his collaborators, which increased their distribution. Repeatedly he clearly extracted what Lastman had characterised in his works and infused it with a new poignancy. For the first time since 1991, this exhibition will present an overview over Lastman’s oeuvre. Carefully chosen drawings and prints by Rembrandt from the rich Prints and Drawings Department held by the Hamburger Kunsthalle serve as evidence to present these complex references. The exhibition presents 25 paintings by Lastman, as well as paintings, drawings and prints by Rembrandt. The exhibition is made possible by the generous cooperation with the Amsterdam Museum Het Rembrandthuis.

Furthermore the exhibition is supported by loans from Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hannover, Jerusalem, Kassel, Leiden, Leuwaarden, Lille, London, Munich, Stockholm, The Hague and Vienna.

Curator of the exhibition: PD Dr. Martina Sitt

Pieter Lastman
Die Verstoßung der Hagar, 1612
© Hamburger Kunsthalle, /bpk
Photo: Elke Walford

Pieter Lastman (1583-1633)
Der Triumph des Mardochai, 1624
© Museum Het Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam

Pieter Lastman (1583-1633)
Die Schlacht zwischen Konstantin und Maxentius, 1613
© Kunsthalle Bremen

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