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Paul Klee 1933. The Contrary Arrow
12 December 2003 – 7 March 2004



In April 1933, having been appointed a professor at the State Art Academy in Düsseldorf only two
years ago, Paul Klee was dismissed without notice by the National Socialists. In the face of the
alarming political developments, Klee left Germany in December 1933, never to return.
In the course of 1933 Klee produced over 200 drawings, done in both pencil and oil-based chalk, with
themes relating to current events: from education and militarism, persecution and anti-Semitism to art
and sexuality. Klee’s drawings are not illustrations; disguised as parodies, they are clear
denouncements of National Socialism in the year the Nazis seized power.
This group of around 80 drawings is now being presented to the public for the first time,
supplemented by thematically related works in colour dating from the same year.
A richly illustrated catalogue (328 pages) has been published to accompany the exhibition and is available, priced EUR 23, from the museum shop.
Exhibition curator: Pamela Kort

Klee in the North
Three Aspects – Three Phases – Three Museums
The Hamburger Kunsthalle presents the exhibition Paul Klee 1933. The Contrary Arrow in the winter
of 2003/04 as part of a unique collaborative project with the Kunsthalle Bremen and the Sprengel
Museum Hannover. Three important, successive phases of Paul Klee’s oeuvre will be simultaneously
shown in three major North German museums.
Kunsthalle Bremen: Paul Klee – Teacher at the Bauhaus. 30 November 2003 – 29 February 2004
Sprengel Museum Hannover: Paul Klee. Death and Fire. Fulfilment in the Late Works.
23 November – 15 February 2004
created by Proximity Group Germany GmbH

The exhibition is supported by Proximity Group Germany GmbH and by our media partners NDR, Radio Bremen
and Stern.



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