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Horst Janssen and the Netherlandish Artists
1 February to 15 June 2008


Whether in his landscapes after Aert van der Neer or his self-portraits after Rembrandt, Horst Janssen repeatedly borrowed motifs and thematic elements from the old Dutch and Flemish painters and incorporated these into his own works. In conjunction with the exhibition “Nach IHM – Horst Janssen und Rembrandt” (After HIM – Horst Janssen and Rembrandt) being held in collaboration with the Hamburger Kunsthalle at the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam and the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg in spring 2008, we are showing a selection of drawings and etchings after designs by Pieter Bruegel, Hercules Seghers and Rembrandt from the collections of Hartmut Frielinghaus and Gerhard Schack.

Curator of the exhibition: Dr. Petra Roettig



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