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Emotions & Relations
Nan Goldin, David Armstrong, Mark Morrisroe,
Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Jack Pierson

27. Marchto 1. June 1998

For Spring 1998 the Hamburg Kunsthalle is organising an exhibition of the works by five young American artists: Nan Goldin, David Armstrong, Mark Morrisroe, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, and Jack Pierson.
The artists, born between 1953 and 1960, are graduates of the "School of the Museum of Fine Arts" in Boston; after their
studies they all moved to New York City. They know each other personally, feature as models in their friends’ photographies, and influenced each other’s work time and again. Reality and illusion of  their generation is the prevailing theme of their artistic creation since the seventies; committed, mercilessly open, yet stylised and artistically reflected.
The internationally renowned photographer and collector F. C. Gundlach is the curator of the exhibition. As expert in contemporary photography Gundlach began to support Nan Goldin’s work very early. His collection, comprising central pieces by her and the other four photographers, will form the basis of this exhibition. Generously granted loans from the artists’ studios contribute to the show, which will present 240 photographs from all the creative periods of the artists. This exhibition, for the first time in Europe combining the artists, will show key-works as well as until now unpublished pieces.
Approximately 70 photos by Nan Goldin were chosen from works such as "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency", "The Other Side", and "All By Myself". For now roughly 25 years, Goldin accompanies her chosen "family" with her camera. Women and men, who have left the bourgeois convention for the sake of their self-determination. Their sexually determined role is burden at the same time as playful pose, fate and show. A generation torn between sexual liberation and AIDS, self-awareness and self-destruction reveals itself at the centre of a New York Bohemia.
ArmstrongThe series "A Double Life", of which 30 photographs (the number of photographs remains approximately the same for the following artists) have been selected for this exhibition, is a dialogue between Nan Goldin and David Armstrong. The artists know each other from their early beginning, and took pictures of mutual friends: Goldin is taking the position of the immediately involved, whereas Armstrong is remaining distant and stylising. Another selection of photographs give an overview over his body of work, whose main inspiration is taken from the shades in classical black and white photography.
Mark Morrisroe, who died young, coined: "Sometimes I think I’d rather be a movie star than an artist" as the motto of his art.
In his photographs a radical form of self-presentation is interchanging with a sober self-questioning, more ruthless than in any other artistic discourse.
In the selection of Philip-Lorca diCorcia's photographs documentation and fiction are entwined; for both, his early pictures of American everyday-life and his series "Hustler" (Hollywood 1990-1992) he arranged quotidian moments as frozen images. Since 1993 diCorcia is working on a series "Street Pictures", street scenes observed in the metropolises of business. The scenery of the cities (New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, etc.), dominated by advertisements and technical assets, becomes interchangeable. With his flash light diCorcia is isolating single figures, placing them in a different, almost surreal environment. Natural and artificial light clash in the works by diCorcia and open a familiar world filled with
It seems as if Jack Pierson is using his camera to extract images from an infinite flux of light and colour. In his portraits and stillives, often transfigured to a glaring shrillness, he experiments with colour, blends and details. He does not shy away from idyll and romance, but the pictures are always designated as personal illusions.

From March 27 until June 1, 1998 the exhibition will be shown in the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The catalogue will be a trilingual (German, English, French) edition by Taschen Verlag, Cologne. Texts included will be written by F. C. Gundlach, Christoph Heinrich and Dörte Zbikowski. It will be on offer at the price of
29.95 DM.
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