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present: storytellers
10 April until 21 August 2005

Galerie der Gegenwart

For a long time, everything that was in any way narrative was excluded from the perception of contemporary art. One of the most distinctive features of Modernism is its profound aversion to all anecdote. For some time now, however, human figures and things have again been playing a larger role in art. If both are combined, situations are forged. In their works, younger generation artists have focused on precisely such situations, unravelling strange short stories before our eyes, narrative fragments and venomous anecdotes, which show more traces of dioxin than of vanillin.

‘Storytellers’ are realists and fantasists in equal degrees. Their relish for spinning yarns can mesmerize us. The swindlers and fable-tellers exert the same fascination on us as do modern chroniclers whose richly detailed accounts make us listen with bated breath.

Fonds der Jungen Freunde/The young friends fund
Among the exhibited works are also a number of new acquisitions that are the first works to have been purchased for the Hamburger Kunsthalle from the ‘Fonds der Jungen Freunde’ (The young friends fund), which was established two years ago.

List of artists:
Jonas Burgert, Gregory Crewdson, Peter Doig, Jeanne Faust, Till Gerhard, Christian Hahn, Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler, Henning Kles, Bjørn Melhus, Neo Rauch, Dennis Scholl, Dasha Shishkin, Pia Stadtbäumer und Ena Swansea.

Curator of the exhibition: Dr. Christoph Heinrich



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