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Max Beckmann
Landscape as a foreign country
7 August to 8 November 1998

Until now, Max Beckmann´s landscapes have seldom been regarded as a genre in itself. Yet he, like no other 20th century painter, renewed landscape painting as a pictorial genre, both in terms of form and content - reason enough to take a closer look at this area of Max Beckmann`s work which has hitherto been overshadowed by his large figurative paintings.

The exhibition will feature some 60 paintings from all periods of the artist`s career, presented in sections relating to key aspects of motif, from and thematic content. Beckmann employs many landscape motifs such as paths or lakes as pictorial tools in his construction of landscape. The exhibition will pursue this modernity in the artist`s work.

After Hamburg, "Max Beckmann. Landscape as a foreign country" will be shown in the Kunsthalle Bielefeld from 29 November 1998 - 14 February 1999 and in the Kunstforum Vienna from 12 March - 6 June 1999.

A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition,
including colour plates of all exhibited works.


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