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Lothar Baumgarten
if two circles meet, their centre cannot be the same
20 July until 14 October 2001

In the summer of 2001 the internationally renowned artist Lothar Baumgarten (*1944) will carry out two wall drawings designed especially for the Hamburger Kunsthalle. These two new works in the copula of the old building complex and in the staircases of the Galerie der Gegenwart will be supplemented by an exemplary selection of works which were made in the last three decades: photographs, slide projections, drawings, artist's books and a floor piece give - for the first time in Germany - an overall impression of the works of the quadruple documenta-participant, who in 1984 was decorated with the Golden Lion of the 41. Venice biennial and in 1996 with the Lichtwark-Prize of the City of Hamburg.

Lothar Baumgarten regards his contextual and local approach as the fundamental part of his artistic examination of cultural phenomena and moulding which is reflected in the presentation of his works in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. Incorporated in the museum's permanent collection these works present themselves as surprising stopping points on the way from the copula to the Galerie der Gegenwart.


>>My work is not a question of strategy or mode of opinion. Rather it is based on principles, guided by intuition. Measurement and proportion are the instruments of my thought and, a grammar which reflects the elementary spatial relationships and a rational sense of timing and emphasis are fundamental to my artistic practice. It is about the sensual qualities embebbed in the body of space, its materialization and form. My work is not about installation or concept arts: it is art that does not ignore its architectural context. The work takes material form by integrating given structures into a complex whole and by creating a canon of references among individual, site-specific elements. This dynamic is a dialectic in which a critical discourse with contemporary culture unfolds within an architectural framework. The content becomes the form. My critical approach does not intend to offer autobiographical solutions to universal problems. I believe art should encourage us to question the status quo and the structures that allow it to persist.<<
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