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Georg Baselitz: The great pathos
Paintings, drawings, prints

10 December 1999 - 27 February 2000

baselitz_pathos_kl.jpg (6956 Byte)In the art of Georg Baselitz the traditional boundaries between the categories of painting, drawing and printmaking are dissolved. Individual groups of works can be distinguished only in terms of the artist’s chosen technique, while all share the commom artistic goal of painterly intensity. In this way - depending on the choice of material - Baselitz creates either drawn pictures (drawings), painted pictures (paintings), printed pictures (prints) or plastic pictures (wooden sculptures). The different media are not only afforded equal value, they also merge into another.

In this exhibition the Hamburg Kunsthalle will present some of the most exciting early paintings, drawn from the collection of a Baselitz expert and friend of the artsit. Together with drawings and prints, including a number of important overpainted woodcuts and a series of monumental linocuts, the exhibition brings together around 130 works, illustrating the main pictorial themes of the hero, the eagle, interiors and nudes, and shows Baselitz to be a great painter and renewer of the art of printmaking.

A 120-page exhibition catalogue will be published, containing essays and
colour illustrations of the exhibited works.


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